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BM180 Plus Workbench with Adjustable Width

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Double Easy Move with Cross Bars and Bi-Suction Cups

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Closer Device for Large Format Tiles

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The Raimondi Closer device for large format tiles enables the smooth closing to grout joint.

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The Raimondi Closer Device enables tilers to close the gap between tiles when fitting them on walls and floors.

To line up big tiles/slabs is not an easy task, especially when they have back buttering and the dimension of the slab is up to 3 meters.

One or two closers can easily adjust the position of the slabs by adjusting the special knob once the pair of triple suction cups have been applied and the suction activated.

The Closer is best used in combination with RLS levelling system.


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 580 × 200 × 250 mm

Landscapers, Tilers and Builders

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