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Kerakoll Aquastop 120 Waterproofing Tape (50m Long)

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Tilemaster Prime Plus (5L)

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Tilemaster Prime Plus

Kerakoll Delta Plus Eco Detergent (1kg)

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Kerakoll Delta Plus Eco is an eco-friendly acid based detergent to clean cement or lime based residues, or calcareous deposits.

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Kerakoll Delta Plus Eco is an eco-friendly, water-based acid detergent to clean cement or lime residues, salt or calcareous deposits.

Ideal for use in Green Buildings.

Suitable for use with compact and porous materials.

  • No toxic substances are released.
  • Can be diluted in water in any ratio.

Comes in a 1-kilo bottle. Eco rating ECO4. Coverage circa 0.1-0.3kg/m2. Shelf life 12 months.


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