Raimondi bucket with a steel handle is made of impact resistant plastic

Heavy Duty Bucket with Steel Handle (27L or 45L)

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Sheath Presser Wall Roller

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Double Easy Move ADV with Crossbars and Vacuum Suction Cups (with or without Gauges)

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The Double Easy Move Adv by Raimondi is designed for handling large tiles and slabs up to 320 x 160cm.  An essential piece of kit for the professional tiler installing very large format tiles.


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The Raimondi Double Easy Move Adv with cross-bars for handling large tiles and slabs up to 320 x 160cm.

It has telescopic profiles allowing variable extension for maximum versatility.

The Easy Move’s sturdy construction easily pulls slabs from crates or pallets for smooth and safe handling.

Handles have positioning options to adapt to the height of the edge of the crate.

Provided with 8 stain-proof vacuum suction cups (150mm diameter) and crossbars.

Please note that the Easy Move system is for applying slabs while they are on a firm base and in a horizontal position.

Apply downward pressure to the vacuum cups when pumping them to create the suction.

The system is not designed to be applied to tiles in the vertical position, such as when they are on an A-Frame, however once correctly applied on the horizontal, the slab can be gently lifted onto the vertical position, checking the vacuum cups periodically that they are maintaining suction.

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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 1800 × 370 × 300 mm



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