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Pair of Easy-Move Cross Pieces

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Push Tile Cutter (125cm)

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Power Raizor Dust Collector Attachment

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Power Raizor Dust Collector Attachment

£79.70 exc. VAT

The Raimondi dust collector system attaches to the bottom of the Power Raizor Cutting System assembly. The collector significantly reduces dust when dry cutting.

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The dust collector attachment fits under the Power Raizor. Dust containment device to be used in combination with Power Raizor cutting unit;

  • Used in combination with a proper aspirator, it allows to radically reduce the amount of dust on the environment while a dry cut is performed.
  • The device can be used on the POWER RAIZOR equipped with any kind of angle grinder.
  • Adjustable according with slab thickness.
  • Can be used for 45° miter cut and 90° straight cut.

The Raimondi Power Raizor enables the cutting of thicker tiles as well as taking a bullnose attachment for tiles either 6mm or 10mm thick (sold separately – see; 179FLEX006SE or 179FLEX010SE).


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 270 × 150 × 100 mm



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