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CLFM Granite and Hard Material Blade for Stihl Type Saws (300mm)

£115.49 exc. VAT

CLFM Entry Level Masonry Blade for Stihl Saws (300mm)

£92.39 exc. VAT
Entry level general purpose blade

Turbo Continuous Rim Blade for Porcelain (115mm–350mm)

£34.64£161.69 exc. VAT

Turbo Continuous Rim Blade for Porcelain (115mm–350mm)

£34.64£161.69 exc. VAT

CLFM turbo continuous rim blade for cutting porcelain, ceramic tiles, and stone fast. Various diameters from 115mm -350mm. Suitable for use either wet or dry. Manufactured to OSA standards. Fits angle grinders.

Great value for such a high-quality blade.

Smaller blades for angle grinders and larger blades for wet saws are available.

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Turbo Continuous Rim Blade for Porcelain (115mm–350mm).

After a long search and many trials, we are now stocking a fantastic series of blades manufactured especially for Tilers Tools.

These blades are top quality and priced much less than other leading high quality blades, offering superb value.

CLFM Turbo blades are for cutting porcelain and stone with ease and have a long life.

Thin blade for a clean accurate cut with minimal chipping.

Use either wet or dry.

22.23mm bore to fit most angle grinders and 25.4mm bore for wet saws.

These blades are produced to OSA (Organisation for Safety in Abrasives) standards.

Further information can be found in our video below or click HERE to view our safety blade safety brochure.

Alternatively, please contact us on 01565 344860 if you need any assistance selecting your blade. View our full range of blades.


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Landscapers, Tilers and Builders


115mm, 125mm, 230mm, 250mm, 350mm

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