Tilers Tools Rise to the Challenge with FUGA-PAVE ABC

Tilers Tools Rise to the Challenge with FUGA-PAVE ABC

A complete paving installation system for engineered stone (porcelain), Natural stone and concrete products. As winners of the service providers of the year from the Association of Professional Landscapers, the team at Tilers Tools continued to have lots of contact with our friends in the landscape sector holding regular free training events right up until the covid19 virus put them on stop temporarily. Invariably during the discussions, the topic of the best way to install porcelain was always the subject for lively debate and it was clear there was no stand-out or standard system. Well, there was a challenge that the team at Tilers Tools just could not ignore. To come up with a stand-out installation system. We set out to discover what landscape professionals were looking for, then approach several chemicals, adhesive and grout manufacturers. We quickly established that not only was there a huge variation in what product the landscapes used, but also how the products were mixed and used. Tilers Tools quickly settled on two manufacturers one for the Part A hybrid cement and Part B slurry primer, and the other for the Part C hybrid resin cement grout. The formulation went through extensive testing in the laboratory as well as in real world situations. The formulation was tweaked a number of times to create a system that we could guarantee and put our company name against. Real world testing continued for several months with a number of top award-winning landscapers throughout the country until we could be fully satisfied with the product system performance. Following very positive feedback we rolled out the system at the end of July 2020. FUGA-PAVE ABC Prepare whack virgin ground. Prepare subbase, minimum of 100mm of type1 MOT Part A – Hybrid Cement Polymer modified, fibre reinforced cement. To be mixed with sharp grit sand, ratio of 3no of 14 Litre buckets of sand + 1no bag of Part A. Coverage 2m2 at a bed depth of 25mm. Part B – Slurry Primer Polymer modified primer manufactured to work with Part A. Mixed with water to create a paste, applied to the back of the flag. Works with Part A to create a monolithic bond. Traditional sand and cement with a priming product will only create a bridge bond between the flag and the cement mix. Using Fuga-Pave Part A & Part B together creates a complete monolithic bond top to bottom. (At 25mm Fuga-Pave is 60% stronger than sand and cement at 50mm). Part C – Hybrid Resin Cement Grout Zero Portland cement, efflorescence free, UV Stable, stain resistant and nonpermeable. Superior flexibility to resist creaking through movement, grout joints up to 20mm and suitable for areas subject to heavy traffic like vehicles. It’s easy to apply and very easy to clean from the surface of the flag. Available in five popular colours, light grey, medium grey, anthracite, jasmin and limestone. Fuga-Pave Part A is very versatile and can also be mixed with building sand to create a strong brick mortar or even use as a jointing compound for natural stone and concrete.
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