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FILA PS87 De-Greasing Stain Removing Detergent (1L or 5L)

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Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco Epoxy Resin Residue Remover (1L)

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Kerakoll Aquastop Green Uncoupling Anti-Cracking Membrane

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Kerakoll Aquastop Green Uncoupling Anti-Cracking Membrane

£230.99 exc. VAT

Kerakoll Aquastop green uncoupling anti-cracking membrane, decoupling, and waterproof membrane rolled into one. Use before laying tiles or stone to create a waterproof surface even on substrates that are cracked or imperfectly cured. Comes in a 23m2 roll.

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Kerakoll Green Pro is an uncoupling and anti-cracking waterproof membrane with high adhesion for balconies, terraces, and horizontal surfaces before laying ceramic tiles or natural stone.

It creates a waterproof surface even when overlaid on substrates that are cracked, have not been perfectly cured, or might contain vapour pressure due to residual moisture content.

  • Specifically for anti-cracking laying with Biogel in the revolutionary ‘Laminates No Crack’.
  • Waterproofs any kind of surface, old or new, dry or cracked.
  • Compensates for hygrometric shrinkage and thermal expansion stress.
  • Withstands foot traffic immediately, and speeds up work on site.

Green-Pro revolutionises laying with the ‘Laminates No Crack’, rewriting performance standards to allow applications that are impossible for mineral products. Available in a 23m2 roll.

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