Landscapers Levelling Kit

Tilers Tools Landscapers Levelling Kit

Have you ever wondered how landscapers achieve a perfectly flush finish on their paving projects, thus avoiding unsightly lippage? Tilers Tools Levelling System is the answer.

landscapers levelling kit

What is the Tilers Tools Levelling Kit?

Our Levelling System is designed to aid the installation of thicker porcelain and natural stone from 14mm to 26mm thick.  

The Landscapers Levelling kit is widely popular throughout the landscaping community as it is easy to use, speeds up your job and removes the risks of lippage between flags.  Landscaping professionals claim the kit more than pays for itself through speeding up installation. 

How does the Levelling System work?

The Levelling System has a simple yet extremely effective way of levelling paving. Simply insert the clip, add your spacers to ensure a consistent grout joint is prominent throughout your project and screw on a reusable cap, finger tight to achieve a perfectly level finish. 

Once your mortar has set and your paving is fit to walk on, simply kick the clips and caps out of the joints. Remember to keep your caps for future use.  Please throw the remains of the clips away in an environmentally friendly fashion. 

See how easy our levelling kit is to use in our demonstration video

What does Tilers Tools’ Levelling kit contain?

Our Landscapers Levelling Kit contains a sturdy bucket to store all of your kit in one safe place, 100 caps (which are reusable!), 300 1mm clips and 200 5mm + shape spacers. 

Want to take a closer look of the contents? Click here for a video showcasing the product. 

Where can I buy the Tilers Tools Levelling System?

Our Landscapers Levelling Kit is widely available through our website, over our counter and through many retailers who sell Tilers Tools products (details on our website). 

If you require any further information on this or any other products, do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales office on 01565 344860

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