Suction Cups and Their Uses

Suction cups

Vacuum cups, or suction cups, are one of the most useful and user-friendly tools you can have in your tool bag. When tiling and landscaping, you never know when you may require a suction cup, and you will be surprised at some of the great ways this tool can be used. Maybe you have a large fragile tile to fit or you need that extra reach to fit that awkward corner slab, either way suction cups have got you covered! In this blog post, we dive into the great uses suction cups offer and how they can be used on a daily basis – and the suction cups that we offer here at Tilers Tools. 

What are suction cups?

Let’s take a look at what a suction cup does and how it works. Vacuum suction cups are often made with soft rubbers that are impenetrable by air. The suction cups use negative air pressure to attach themselves to a non-porous surface which creates a vacuum, giving you an easy grip on your tile or slab. 

What are their uses?

During your landscaping and tiling installations, you will often occur the task of lifting and moving heavy objects into intricate places. This is where the suction cup comes into use. You can use your suction cups to easily move, manage and maintain the position of your tile or slab to allow for easy installation. Our suction cups at Tilers Tools hold up to 130kg+ per cup, depending on the cup you choose. The strength of the suction cups offers assistance to every installation of non-porous stone. 

Types of Suction Cups

Now that you know the basics of suction cups, let’s take a deeper look at the suction cups we have available here at Tilers Tools. 


The Bull-e-Grip electric vacuum suction cup is our latest addition to our tool range. The Bull-e-Grip can hold up to 100kg even on riven tiles and slabs. The automatic pressure sensors replenish any loss in vacuum pressure ensuring the cup always has full suction. The battery-powered suction cup is a revolutionary advancement in industrial vacuum suction technology. Click here for more information. 


The Raimondi RV175 creates a tight grip on smooth and textured tiles. It is sustainable up to 130kg and offers a vacuum gauge to ensure the operator can easily see when the vacuum needs to be replenished. The suction cup comes in a strong carry case and spare parts are available to keep it in tip-top condition. Click here for more information. 

Double Easy-Move ADV

The Double Easy Move ADV is designed for handling large slabs up to 320 x 160cm. This great piece of kit is designed to allow the easy moving of large format tiles and slabs. The cross-bar design ensures you have maximum safety and security for your large tiles and removes the possibility of tiles breaking during installation and moving. This kit is provided with 8 stain-proof RV175 suction cups which are removable and interchangeable for any shaped tile. Click here for more information.


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