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FILA Longlife Glossy Protective Wax (1L or 5L)

£14.19£54.10 exc. VAT

FILA PS87 De-Greasing Stain Removing Detergent (1L or 5L)

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FILA PRW200 Water Based Pre-Grouting Protector (1L or 5L)

£7.79£31.90 exc. VAT

FILA PRW200 Water Based Pre-Grouting Protector (1L or 5L)

£7.79£31.90 exc. VAT

FILA PRW200 is a pre-grouting protector which comes in the choice of 1L or 5L bottles. Always check on a small area before widespread use.

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CAUTION:  Before using this cleaner, carry out a test on a small surface area to check for any colour changes.  Do not apply externally if rain is forecast.

Use for;

  • Terracotta
  • Unpolished stone and agglomerates
  • Quarry tiles

Coverage with one litre;

  • Terracotta rustic Tuscan, polished 15-20m2
  • Terracotta handmade, Spanish, hollow tile, brick  7-10m2
  • Pietra  10-20m2


  • Water-based water-repellent protector against soiling that occurs when fixing. Makes grouting and cleaning easier without altering the material’s appearance.
  • Ideal for absorbent materials such as terracotta, quarry tiles, natural and reconstructed stone and agglomerates.


  • Protects against grouting.
  • It does not affect adhesion between grout and material.
  • It makes cleaning after laying simple.
  • It reduces drying times, making subsequent treatment faster.
  • Does not affect the material’s appearance.
  • Non sacrificial.
  • Easy application.
  • After the application it is possible to apply any kind of protection treatment.
  • This product has extremely low emissions of VOC: certified by GEV and marked by EC1Plus and helps towards gaining credits for the LEED.


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1L, 5L

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