How to Change the Blade on a Zoe Wet Saw

Please follow the instructions on how to change the blade on a Zoe wet saw. This is a completely different process to that of a Pikus wet saw. For obvious safety reasons, please make sure that the saw is unplugged before you start to do any of the changing of the blades or working on these machines.

We are going to explain how to put a turbo blade on which will be used for cutting porcelain and hard materials. The tools you will need are on the side of the saw. There is a 10mm allen key and a big spanner to undo the nut on the drive shaft. You will also have had a 6mm allen key in your original instruction packet. Use the 6mm key for the cowling bolts, or for speed a 6mm bit on a drill.

  1. To expose the blade on the Zoe, you will see there are four studs and a rubber splashguard. Pull the splashguard off its mounting.
  2. Using the power driver, undo one at a time. Take out the stud and the nut and put them together so you do not lose them. Move the blade up and down so that you can access each of these studs. You will find the cowling completely lifts out from the back. Place that on top of the motor and then you have access to the wheel at the back. You will see the outer flange and the nut. Undo the nut from the main drive shaft and then pull off the outer flange.
  3. To put the blade on, you will see on the front of the machine the directional arrow that indicates the way the blade is spinning. On this side of the machine, there is a hex nut for you to put your 10mm allen key in. Slightly spin the blade on the inside to pick up the shaft. The blade is now locked, and you have got the allen key in the receiver on this side of the saw which is locking the nut on the inside. It is a bit like putting a nut onto a bolt. It is important to take the allen key out and see that the wheel is spinning nicely.
  4. Place the cowling back on the inside and put the nuts and bolts back before hooking the rubber splashguard back on. Then you are good to go! Make sure you put the tools back on the side of the saw for next time.

Tilers Tools offer various blades on their website ( If ever you need any help, Tilers Tools are always at the end of the telephone on 01565 344860 to give you further advice.


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